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An online maze generator to create unlimited random and unique printable maze puzzles in circular, rhombic, hexagonal or pentagonal, triangular, sigma and arbitrary shapes. Download the generated patterns as PDF, PNG or SVG formats.

Commercial Use: The puzzles generated using this tool are allowed for personal and commercial use.

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PDF file download will include both the puzzle and the solution.

What is a Maze?

A maze is a collection of different paths where a player has to reach the destination by following a certain direction. Start and destination point indicate where the player will start and follows a pattern to reach the destination point. Mazes are fun activities for kids and adults where convoluted path confuse the players about the path to follow to correctly reach the destination.

Why play Maze Puzzles

Maze puzzles are one of the perfect and fun activities for kids as well as adults. Some of the benefits of playing mazes are:

  • They help develop problem solving skills including brain activity and focus
  • Children use pen or pencil to solve a maze problem without touching the border lines. This in turn helps with their fine motor skills.
  • Perfect activity to develop their hand eye coordination while developing muscle tone
  • Help with visual motor skills. As the player starts the puzzle, they scan the entire puzzle to monitor the possible correct path to follow, so they develop their visual motor skills.
  • Boost self confidence by trying to solve mazes of different difficult level starting from easy to medium to more difficult ones

Commercial Use Maze Puzzle Generator for Kids

Commercial Use Maze Puzzle Generator Tool lets you create your own custom mazes of different difficult level. You are able to brand these maze puzzles as your own and start making passive income from the comfort of your home. Create Maze Puzzle workbooks to sell on Etsy, Amazon KDP, Ebay and other similar marketplaces. Create shapes, style, colors of your choice with convenience of this Maze Puzzle Maker.

How to Create Custom Maze Puzzles?

Follow these steps to create the mazes of your choice:

  • Set the heading or title, font, size and color of the puzzle (for pdf version only)
  • Select the shape like circular, rhombic, theta or orthogonal
  • Select difficulty or algorithm type
  • Set the number of cells or width and height in case of rectangular puzzle
  • Choose the colors for the maze as well as the line thickness and style
  • Once you have input all these values, click on the blue “Generate Maze” button.
  • Download by clicking on the green “Download” button. Select the PDF size of your choice. It could be letter size or A4 size. Besides, PDF, you also have the choice to download in PNG and SVG formats
  • Print and start solving the maze puzzles

About Settings / Features

Shape: select a shape like triangular, orthogonal, hexagonal, rhombic, cairo, theta, pentagonal, random etc.
Algorithm: this will control how the maze will be rendered.
Dimensions: the size of the maze grid like width and height or rows and columns. In case of circular (theta) maze, these will be rings and segments.
Cell Width: the width of the cell walls
Line Thickness: the thickness of the grid lines
Maze Color: foreground color of the maze lines
Line Style: the fancy style of the grid lines like regular, fuzzy or organic
Border Size: the space around the maze grid
Background Color: the background color of the grid
Entry/Exit Doors: turn on and off showing the start and end point
Bridge Crossings: special feature to add bridge crossings along the way to maze walls
Arc Factor: controls how the arc angle in case of maze style having arcs
Fuzzy Amplitude: controls the zig-zag or fuzziness of the lines
Boundary: control how the boundary will be rendered in case of arc mazes
Tree Factor: control the tree growth in case the algorithm is selected as tree ( growing tree)